Month: January 2019

What The Heck Are Private Label Rights?

How this crazy thing began. I had a mentor last year who was supposed to train me in 3 days to do amazing wonders. She didn’t quite accomplish that at all. She cost me 25k and really didn’t really help me much at all. However, she did one thing which floored me. What’s odd about […]

Where It All Began

At a place called The Garage Boardshop, my grand kids hung out. My daughter has a daughter named Yvonne who is a fanatic about skateboarding. There is also a grandson named PTK. His job is to keep Yvonne alive and out of trouble! They are the reason I one day found myself at The Garage […]

Not Just About eBooks

How It Starts When was the last time you thought about writing a book? When was the last time you thought about making money off of books? Well, there’s a way to do that and much more and it’s not expensive but … you do need to do the work. If you have the time […]