A New Cousin

UPDATE: So, at long last I received the picture of our lovely New Cousin, Mouneu Christine Vanessa .

It’s so cool to find family. I like that she knows more of who she is and where she is going too.

It’s been a while since I have posted here and now that the storm is over, I can finish some family business.

A few months ago, I was so excited to find a new relative. It’s crazy how life turns out but I am willing to accept the twists and turns because I know that people come into my life for a reason.

Finally, the update to my last post.

But first, some background. Because our last name is so unique (or so we thought) we always wondered if it was spelled correctly. My cousin did some ancestor research quite a few years ago and it turns out to be a dead end as far as finding out if we have more family out in the world.

About 2012 or so, I found some people with our name in Europe. After making contact, it turns out our name is pretty out there in Mexico. That makes sense since we knew our Great Grandfather came from there to California with his Mexican wife.

So, I’ve tried to establish a few truths about our last name and so far, it appears the ones who have knowledge are either passed away or ignore my requests to contact me.

In February I sent out some Facebook requests and for a few months I got no answer. When I finally did, the shock was so sweet! A live person who we don’t know but might be related was absolutely making me so happy!

Her name was like ours and I couldn’t wait for her to get back to me again. (Strangely enough, I cannot find the correspondence we had on FB.) Anyway, it took a while but she finally responded and we had a big conversation.

She told me her full name and her brother’s . The key thing was she told me she knew who her father was but I had no idea who he was because I’d never heard of him in the family gossip.

So, I put the word out to the family I thought would know and it turned out that her father was the half brother of my first cousin. My uncle had another family after his wife died and because our relationships were distant due mainly to the age differences and way we were raised, we didn’t keep in touch well either.

Anyway, my cousin knew the guy and I was ecstatic! A new branch in the family … how cool is that? My new cousin and I whittled down the family connection to an understandable map.

Her father may not even know about her but when she mentioned her brother was named after her father then it was soon apparent that he did know about her. At the very least he knew he had a daughter because she was the older of the two.

As far as I know, it’s still not known if her father has any idea that they are found and that she is in touch with some of us. So for now, I have my second cousin in touch with her and I have yet to find out if he located her father.

I’ve not been able to reach Vanessa because she’s either not talking to me or not getting my messages. I finally quit trying after she blew me off on Easter 2019. I made every overture I could and she is busy so I will wait until I hear from her instead.

One note here is that her younger brother wants nothing to do with his paternal side of the family. I guess that is understandable but the irony is that he has a daughter.

In our family names are common throughout and keep showing up in the family tree like more than one Alice or Rene. So, this young man who wants nothing to do with us has named his cute daughter the same name as his Grandpa’s sister. I was stunned. I believe it’s genetic as crazy as that sounds. It’s a shame he doesn’t even know that I am his 3rd cousin.

I put his picture next to my cousin and there’s some resemblance but that might be the Mexican blood. Who knows?

I do have a great pic of the young woman who so kindly reached out and here she is. With her permission, I am allowed to show her pic here.

Shocker! In trying to download from FB the picture of her, I got just about every one I knew also! 2 plus MB worth of pictures so I am not going to post a picture of her until I get a single and not the whole album of FB people.

The story ends with our getting the picture posted today and now on to the next adventure of Alley Kat!

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