A Second Chance!

Today was a lazy day. I woke up late and immediately sat in front of my laptop and started to work. That is not how I recommend you start your day.

The plan was to get stuff done and run over to Studio City and pick up some eye glasses we had waiting for us. Our order had been placed over a month ago but because of my work at the time, we couldn’t get out there.

After that hour long drive into the city, it was an even longer drive home. So, thinking it would be a great to spend a little more time together, we decided to stop at the Odd Fellows Cemetery on Whittier Blvd. to check out the burial site of my great-grandfather.

He had come to America via Mexico. He was a Frenchman who came to Mexico and married a woman there of whom the family knows very little about. I am still trying to find out what I can but the few relatives in Mexico that I have been able to track have no information about her at all.

So the cemetary was closing and we will have to save that for another day. the good thing that happened today is this. I follow a guy in internet marketing and his name is Greg Barry. Greg Barry is the founder of Hustle Island.

He is an amazing entrepreneur and his desire to help his followers is so amazing. It seems like I blame my whole life’s failures on my job but its true that it hurt my growth in so many ways. If I wasn’t spending hours at the job I’d spend almost as many in recovering from the messed up lack of sleep. Anyway, Greg Barry and his Hustle Island I discovered on Instagram.

I’d be scrolling to find inspiration while sitting in my van at work depressed. When I discovered him, he was selling some amazing cool shirts and I ordered a bundle he was offering. I have yet to wear them because I consider them special and am just storing them for the “day” and what that “day” is going to be, I do not know. but they are there nonetheless.

So, as we are pulling out of the cemetery, the phone goes off and it’s a local number so I answered it thinking it might be important. A little background might help here. As part of his generosity in helping entrepreneur minded folks like me, Greg Barry had sent out an email inviting us to take advantage of a free call with his mentor! So of course, I signed up.

That meeting was set for today at 11:30 and I set my alarm for it. Remember, I told you about my late rising? Well, I heard the alarm and kept working online and before I knew it the time had passed! I blew off a free consultation of a half hour getting tips and advice from a bona fide marketing wizard who could have helped me lay out a plan completely free!

So guess who it was that was calling? It was this mentor’s assistant! Not only did I miss the set appointment but now he was still interested in what I had to say!

My excitement and terror are both working right now. So, tomorrow morning, I am having my meeting … I have a reprieve! I get a second shot at the brass ring! This man is one who can make millionaires out of dollars!

I will update you on it, ok! Stay tuned. Any little bit of help helps!

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