A Visit to the Shoe Shop

This morning started off slow with coffee in bed and reading from the Book of Daniel. I like to read his prayer in Chapter 9-10 of the Old Testament. It just makes me feel good. It’s a good prayer.

Our plan was to go into Highland Park, CA and visit my old friend, Arthur. Arthur is the owner and repairman of Monte Vista Shoe Repair in the shopping center on the corner of Avenue 54 and Figueroa.

His shop is old school. Originally on Monte Vista and Avenue 52, it was owned by an elderly guy who when he retired he sold it to Arthur. Since I lived in Highland Park for 1 year, I needed to get my boots resoled and that’s how I found Monte Vista Shoe Repair.

Good boots have leather soles and need to have protection added since leather wears out quick and is no good in the rain. Riding a motorcycle in leather boots sounds cool but when you put that leather sole down on wet pavement, you could slip so fast!

Anyway, that’s how I met Arthur because he bought it from the old guy in 2012. He’s resoled my new and old boots. He is amazing. His place is the only place I know of where I can get my Doc Martens soles fixed or replaced. I used to send them to a place in San Diego and it was real expensive but Arthur is reasonable and he even repaired the zipper in my Docs.

Well, he has a little boutique vintage shop attached to his shoe repair. I don’t know who his partner is that owns the shop with him, but he and her work it out somehow.

About 4 months ago, I had put on layaway a pair of candle stick holders that I wanted to put in the bedroom. It was about time to get them home! Here is one of them … the image is not real clear but I don’t have time to make a better one. Later I will post and edit with both in the pic.

After that excursion, we were stuck in traffic and found ourselves enjoying a pizza, Mojos and some Stella Artois beer at the Shakey’s on Cesar Chavez Ave. in East Los Angeles. And, it was great!

Today in the evening we made it to a friend’s birthday party and finally ended up home all safe and sound.

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