About Alley Kat

Alley Kat has another name …

it’s Rebecca.

Alley Kat stays in sunny Southern California

with about 11 cats, and 11 goldfish and one dog

named Little Girl.

She is new to online marketing and all the tricks

and insider tips that come with it.

As she learns and adapts it to the Alley, you

are invited to run alongside and enjoy Alley life.

Alley Kat loves the idea of working from home

with the idea in mind of having the freedom

to manage her day as she wants – not as a boss


Alley Kat is determined to build her dream and not

someone else’s dream.

There’s more … Alley Kat wants to help you build your

dream too! Yup.

Online or over the line as the case may be!