Alley Kat Made Phone Calls

It’s been a long day and about 4 hours of it was devoted to making phone calls. Alley Kat made the decision to start promoting a really great company that has a way to make advertising your business a breeze.

Like all good things it takes time. Lots of time. Out of about 30 phone calls today, she only got to speak to 2.

Listen to this one, Alley Kat was making her introduction and the guy who answered asked her if that was her real name and she said no it’s a nickname and before she could finish, a lady in the man’s vicinity began to scream.

She ripped that guys head off and was yelling all kinds of things like he was lying, who was he talking to, she’s a lying bitch, and on and on. This was in a matter of a minute!

Alley Kat was howling with laughter and her klaws were clicking the table with her hilarious giggles. Really! How can this lady put her name into a business request form and then have a hissy fit when her man answers the phone?

So, Alley Kat offers to send a link to the business via email right as the maniac is screaming death threats to both her and the poor man. Off the phone and sending an email asap to move on.

Checking the phone to begin a new call, Alley Kat noticed that there was a new text and it was from the screaming banshee! Lose my number it said. This just made her day and now Alley Kat was just about gonna take a nice kat nap but the importance of making calls to bring in some kat kash kept her on the phone.

All in all, it wasn’t a total loss of the day. She manged to create few pages of ads for posting in different places. The time has come to get some reading done so, the kat is going to have a restful day tomorrow.

We all know that’s not going to happen! Alley Kat cannot possibly keep her klaws off the keyboad!

She must have kat dementia. How easy it is to forget the important things when you think a nap is more important. Time to wrap it up and go prowl the streets as we know that’s when the kats come to life!


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