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Well, well, well! How are you doing? Is your alley as busy as ours? Do you have trash still hanging there? Are homeless people crowding your alley? Well, they aren’t in mine that’s for sure. My alley is too busy for lazy kats and mutts to be sitting around doing nothing. Alley Kat has been […]

A New Cousin

UPDATE: So, at long last I received the picture of our lovely New Cousin, Mouneu Christine Vanessa . It’s so cool to find family. I like that she knows more of who she is and where she is going too. It’s been a while since I have posted here and now that the storm is […]

Before Midnight …

I’m racing the clock to post about my awesome great news! It’s so hard to do this everyday and I have been missing my beats! Anyway, we just ended our introductory conversation and I am so over the top to have a new person in my life as cool as this gal! Right now, I […]

A Visit to the Shoe Shop

This morning started off slow with coffee in bed and reading from the Book of Daniel. I like to read his prayer in Chapter 9-10 of the Old Testament. It just makes me feel good. It’s a good prayer. Our plan was to go into Highland Park, CA and visit my old friend, Arthur. Arthur […]

It’s Hard to be Optimistic …

Today was so unproductive that I am not going to even pretend I have much to share. As far as I know, we are going out tonight because my husband feels like jamming the blues with his friends. Personally, I’d love to stay home and read and instead, I know I would be here on […]

Alley Kat Made Phone Calls

It’s been a long day and about 4 hours of it was devoted to making phone calls. Alley Kat made the decision to start promoting a really great company that has a way to make advertising your business a breeze. Like all good things it takes time. Lots of time. Out of about 30 phone […]

A Second Chance!

Today was a lazy day. I woke up late and immediately sat in front of my laptop and started to work. That is not how I recommend you start your day. The plan was to get stuff done and run over to Studio City and pick up some eye glasses we had waiting for us. […]

Vaccine Destruction

My Facebook friend posted this and it needs to be shared immediately. Please tell everyone you know and maybe we can find a way to stop involuntary vaccinations. Young voters listen up the government isn’t trying to madate vaccines because they care about you and want you too be healthy they want to control you […]

What The Heck Are Private Label Rights?

How this crazy thing began. I had a mentor last year who was supposed to train me in 3 days to do amazing wonders. She didn’t quite accomplish that at all. She cost me 25k and really didn’t really help me much at all. However, she did one thing which floored me. What’s odd about […]

Where It All Began

At a place called The Garage Boardshop, my grand kids hung out. My daughter has a daughter named Yvonne who is a fanatic about skateboarding. There is also a grandson named PTK. His job is to keep Yvonne alive and out of trouble! They are the reason I one day found myself at The Garage […]