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Not Just About eBooks

How It Starts When was the last time you thought about writing a book? When was the last time you thought about making money off of books? Well, there’s a way to do that and much more and it’s not expensive but … you do need to do the work. If you have the time […]

Can Coffee Really Make You Lose Weight?

Well, my little chubby kitties … Hell yeah! Do you know people like me who are always trying to promote stuff? Well, I thank the Lord that I have friends who share stuff with me. I would not know about ‘skinny coffee’ if it was not for a lady named Natasha. I truly dislike shopping. […]


“It’s useless to think that you can put the CBD oil from hemp genie back in the bottle!” – Alley Kat June 10, 2018, my online venture collapsed and I lost it all. Ten days later, I was on Skype and a post came on that caught me by surprise. We were all searching for […]