Before Midnight …

I’m racing the clock to post about my awesome great news!

It’s so hard to do this everyday and I have been missing my beats!

Anyway, we just ended our introductory conversation and I am so over the top to have a new person in my life as cool as this gal!

Right now, I must post part of the end of the days story. I was able to find a new family member thanks to FB. It’s good for some things even though I use the app, I am not a great fan.

My great hope is to post the whole story here and get her permission to post her pic to make it more fun.

Well, she now knows that there is more of us than she knew and she’s very excited to know the family.

I am thankful to God that we made this connection and have enriched the lives of both of us for the enjoyment of life.

More to come!

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