Big Changes in Alley Location!


Apologies for taking so long to visit my alley. There’s no excuse for being away other than I’ve been busy.

This is going to be short. Alley Kat needs to work online to make money for the BIG ALLEY RETIREMENT PARTY!

Yes that’s right! Alley Kat is going to the Fun City Alley called … that’s right … RETIREMENT ALLEY!retire


One reason for the upcoming posts is to put them down on paper so to speak, so that memory failure will always be avoided becaus it’s printed up.

But first … Alley Kat has to clean up some things in the alley like throwing out old kats who have outstayed their welcome in the alley.

The alley is getting a new look in another state in America where the sun and freedom beckon! Also, we want to mention that a bunch of kittie alley kats who are now all grown up will be featured in the new Retirement Alley.


A lot going on so please stay in touch!

Love to all!

Alley Kat

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