Can Coffee Really Make You Lose Weight?

Well, my little chubby kitties …

Hell yeah!

Do you know people like me who

are always trying to promote stuff?

Well, I thank the Lord that I have

friends who share stuff with me.

I would not know about ‘skinny coffee’

if it was not for a lady named Natasha.

I truly dislike shopping. I am the last of

anything resembling trendy. If it’s out there

at the mall, I am ignorant of it. I really

love to thumb through catalogs and meet

the person who sells the stuff in the catalog.

I enjoy helping them make money instead

of the faceless, nameless, irritated with me folks

at the pharmacy or market or retail store.

It’s so much nicer to buy direct and help others.

So, I contacted her after having tried another

skinny coffee that actually made me sick.

If not for Nat being such a nice lady, I would

not have contacted her. But, I did and we

cleared up a few things like, did I have to eat

before I could have a cup of coffee … you know

things like this you do not want to be surprised

like I was.

So, long story short, this coffee does work.

It kills the appetite and it just makes it so simple

to push food away, have energy and feel


Here is a link for it if you are interested.

I am telling you that it works. Click the link to

learn more … 

Alley Kats Skinny Coffee

It tastes good and there’s more for later to share!


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