“It’s useless to think that you can put the

CBD oil from hemp genie back in the bottle!” – Alley Kat

June 10, 2018, my online venture collapsed and I lost it all.

Ten days later, I was on Skype and a post came on that

caught me by surprise.

We were all searching for a way to make money

since our bottom in online marketing had fallen apart.

The promise was that we would be paid weekly.

Something that had become a faint memory … being paid!

So, the link brought up a website with a video of

a lady putting something in her mouth. As I listened to

her spiel, it took a while for me to understand what she

was talking about.

It was this thing called CBD. I had heard it before and

thought it was marijuana and wanted nothing to

do with it.

This was different. She was making claims and

sharing the profits that she made.

So, like a good kat, I took a look.

Not sure what I was doing, I signed on.

Once my delivery arrived, I just looked at it

and wondered what to do.

No one I knew had any use for this or …

if they did, they never said so.

In my ignorant arrogant way, I stated that I

had no use for it but would try to sell it.

The upline guy said, “everyone has something

wrong” and that made me realize this …

my pain had become unnoticeable! I had

forgotten all about my shoulder pain from a

rear-end car incident in 2010. I became so used to it,

I never gave it a thought even though, I was always

massaging my neck.

Well, I gave myself a dose and waited. It took about 20

minutes to feel a change.

Another dose 12 hours later and more waiting.

I could not understand what was happening.

My chiropractor had told me it would never go

away because it was deep tissue injury.

B A M! Pain that I had grown to live with and

forget about was now GONE!

Never in my wildest imagination did I think it was


This was so out of my world that, I was

flabbergasted at my good fortune.

The pain in my knee that was stopping

me from moving down stairs or from a sitting

position without struggle was … gone!

As time went by, I was literally frothing at

the mouth to share this with anyone who would

stand still and listen.

I became an avid Hempworx affiliate.

I recruited and then, suddenly it all stopped.

People were afraid to sell or use.

Why? The FDA allowed it, right?

Well, that was not good enough I think.

On Monday, December 20, 2018 President Trump

made it as legal as it can get.

No longer is hemp a Schedule 1 drug.

No longer will we import hemp but instead,

our farmers will be growing it!

The world is exploding in our face!

Stay tuned for more!



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