It’s Hard to be Optimistic …

Today was so unproductive that I am not going to even pretend I have much to share.

As far as I know, we are going out tonight because my husband feels like jamming the blues with his friends.

Personally, I’d love to stay home and read and instead, I know I would be here on the computer putting myself through hell because I most likely would get nothing done.

I want to be an online marketer and a Certified Cannabis Health Coach. Years ago, I started school learning to be an Alternative Health Practitioner.

It was 2011 and it was the Global College of Natural Medicine that I purchased the course from so that I could earn a degree … Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Natural Medicine.

Unfortunately, it was closed down because the state of California refused to renew their license. Later on, I checked around and found that the founder was being sued. I was not part of that. I was enthralled with the teaching, teachers, school structure. It was so thorough and I do wish I could still follow up with her.

I have my school books and the load of binders still. I haven’t gone through them because I immediately set about to find a replacement. Which I did.

It’s the University of Natural Health and it’s excellent as well. I have had to take it slower. No sooner than I married Tim and my work schedule kicked into high drive.

I’ve spent the last 5 years not working on school but instead working at driving for the studios. I have barely spent time with Tim unless it was intentional. Almost to the point of setting appointments. That is not a good way to live so, instead I have been trying very hard to get out.

My plan is to get my Cannabis Health Certification and my degree and begin practicing and helping people get healthy without drugs. Plant based medicine such as CBD is awesome. I am not a doctor but so much evidence points to THC as the doorway to curing cancer but it’s highly ignored.

That is what I am struggling to do but the bills have to be paid and I am depressed that I will have to go to work and try to get at least 3 days in.

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If I get some good pictures at the gig tonight, I will be back and update this post with them.

Have an awesome weekend!

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