Not An April Fools Joke


Dear Reader … welcome to the new life and world of Alley Kats Alley. No it’s not a joke, I have become a new resident of New Mexico. It’s been in the planning stages since 12/2019.

This alley has been around since 2007 when Alley Kat first found and learned from Wealthy Affiliate – how to build a website. Now, at first Alley Kat was very intimidated about writing. For, she was certain that people would ridicule her writing. She told no one. Posting as time permitted, she’d make a post. Suddenly she stopped because she had a whole bunch of problems.

As Alley Kat saved her articles, once she changed computers some were lost and never recovered. In about 2014, she began again and posted some of the early posts. Now, as a newly minted member of the gray-haired army of old folks known as Retired, she is good to go!

So … some folks know that life comes in bundles. Well, nothing in the alley is any different and Alley Kat had what is sort of a metamorphosis from a married scooter running Teamster to a divorced almost penniless old woman. Except that anyone who knows her also knows this > kats always land on their feet!

This kat was given the go ahead by Hubby Kat that yes, Alley Kat could have her divorce. Understand that here in Alley Kats Alley, we work with what we have. The Kats are still in harmony only in separate alleys.

On the day of filing the divorce, Alley Kat decided to go on over to the Big Kat Retirement Center and find out about what it involved. See, she knew that in 9 months she’d be at the new retirement age of 66. She also knew that it would be torture for her to wait that long to exit the Big Alley of LA.

After a short wait, she was paw to paw with #1 RetireKat. He waved his tail and twitched his whiskers every time Alley Kat howled with joy at his news! She could begin the process to retire in 3 days or in the next 3 months if she wanted. Well, if you don’t know by now, Alley Kat moves fast. In 30 kat seconds (3 in human seconds) she said yes!

That folks, is the way Alley Kat got the ball rolling on that fateful day in December 2019. Next step was where to go? No more Hubby Kat, no more money and all the time in the world to be FREE!

Stay tuned for the rest of the tail!



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