Not Just About eBooks

How It Starts

When was the last time you thought about writing a book?

When was the last time you thought about making money

off of books?

Well, there’s a way to do that and much more and it’s

not expensive but … you do need to do the work.

If you have the time to invest in learning, this could be a great gig for you.


The first time I learned about Private Label Rights was when I was learning how to do online marketing. It turns out that this system lets you claim authorship to content that you can sell as if you had written it yourself. Of course, the drawback is the true author can dictate terms which – by the way, are not a big deal.

My first venture happened when my mentor told me that it was time to do “my book.” I had no book but she had one in mind for me that suited our business and so we proceeded. It was pretty stunning to me. We downloaded this book that had other people’s names and their personal links in it. Well, it was put into Google Docs and we were able to edit it from there.

She directed me on how to edit the book. We added some text, some links to my website and some pictures strategically placed to enhance the work. I was pretty impressed since I never questioned things like an ebook authorship. I took it for granted that the listed author wrote it. Well, that may or may not be true and really, it doesn’t matter.

The ebook was going to be given away as a freebie to lure the reader into joining my email list. Some folks use videos, articles, reports or ebooks.

The private label rights apply to any thing that can be considered intellectual rights which they can offer for sale. Now, so as not to glut the market, they make the download of the product a limited number of times. Once that limit is reached by you, it’s over but you on the other hand, can resell it until hell freezes over!

That’s right! You can give, sell, trade or what ever you want to do with it, you can do. It’s got your information making it “you.” Most times, you can do editing so that it has your style in it. There is a list of what can and cannot be done to the content, the book cover and the sales letter they give to you. It kills me how good this is and how few know about it.

But, it gets even better than this. You can design a book cover! How? Read on! Hint … it’s in the training!

This company that I discovered has all the tricks and tips that help you make a living if you want, on these private label rights products. As I went through the training, I soon discovered that I could re-label, re-write, re-brand, re-cover to my tastes every single ebook, video, letter, report or templates, graphics or audio.

This membership gives you enough access to get started and see if it’s for you. You can test drive the whole process. Build a book or what ever product you want and sell it on FB or use it as a free gift when you create a landing page. It is unlimited in uses.

There is the Gold memberships and this one gives you even more. Actually, I almost felt like both of these: a rip-off and a loser. A rip-off because I could not believe my good fortune in acquiring so MUCH! How could I get so much for so little, I asked myself? I still do not have an answer. A loser because what if all this was included because it wasn’t content that was valuable or worthy. Maybe it was just loads of junk. I still do not have an answer.

What is apparent and it happened very quickly is … and I can only speak for this one because it is the only one I have worked with so far … it is shocking how good it is.

My greedy eyes want to read everything, learn each video and absorb as much learning as I can. So far, if you think you are interested, the training videos are either outdated or no good. There’s no way to know since I have not done it for long but, I do know that, training is available on YouTube if you get stuck and the training there (YouTube) is current anyway. The thing is, if you can figure out how to edit the content and use the training, you can make your whole ebook or product exactly as you want it. And, you can do it fast.

Wrapping It Up

This is new to me and my hope is that you will let me know how you are doing on it. It would be great to tell you that I have great success but I cannot. That will happen when I have done more work on it. My solemn promise to you is that I know it’s a winner. This company has been on my radar since February 2017 and it’s only in the last month that I finally went Gold and then a few weeks after that, I paid attention to everything.

You know, people do read. Some read those mile long sales pages to the very end because they want to know the end of the story. Some skip to the end because they want to know what it’s going to cost them. Their mind is made up to buy. Both of those are me depending on what the product is. But people really do read. That is what makes private label rights a great way to make money if you are willing to put in the time. And more …

There is so much more on this website. You will be as amazed as I am and it’s not cheap, it is a bargain though. A great bargain and if you go for it, don’t waste your time with free, go for Gold and run with it. Make some dough!

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