Retirement: Ready > Set > GO!

What we have here is the last piece of the game to be played. Upon the arrival of ALLEYKAT1 to its new home, an era of Alley Kat’s life is ending.

If you are here after following the link from Facebook,  welcome to Alley Kat’s Alley.  As you know,  an alley kat can take a lot of abuse, hate and hard times and yet, rises from the ashes like that big ass bird, the Phoenix.

This is the last post by Alley Kat as a member of the suffering class known as owned by the Big KatMan (a boss). Alley Kat is free! Actually, free in more ways than one … but more on that later.

  • An Alley Kat quote > “Never tell anyone what your plans are, you will get their opinion soon enough”

For now, today is March 31, 2020 and the improved look and feel of life in my alley begins tomorrow  … so come back – sit on a garbage can, a car hood, a sunny spot and let’s share some tall tails!

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