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Not An April Fools Joke

APRIL 1 Dear Reader … welcome to the new life and world of Alley Kats Alley. No it’s not a joke, I have become a new resident of New Mexico. It’s been in the planning stages since 12/2019. This alley has been around since 2007 when Alley Kat first found and learned from Wealthy Affiliate […]

Update 12/20/2019 Alley Kat Says …

Once Alley Kat made the decision to re-enter the world of online marketing, things got a bit hectic in the alley. In fact, so many things seemed to pile up all at once. Why is that it happens that way? A lull is great but dull and when energy happens, and plans are made then […]


Well, well, well! How are you doing? Is your alley as busy as ours? Do you have trash still hanging there? Are homeless people crowding your alley? Well, they aren’t in mine that’s for sure. My alley is too busy for lazy kats and mutts to be sitting around doing nothing. Alley Kat has been […]

Alley Kat Made Phone Calls

It’s been a long day and about 4 hours of it was devoted to making phone calls. Alley Kat made the decision to start promoting a really great company that has a way to make advertising your business a breeze. Like all good things it takes time. Lots of time. Out of about 30 phone […]