Update 12/20/2019 Alley Kat Says …

Once Alley Kat made the decision to re-enter the world of online marketing, things got a bit hectic in the alley. In fact, so many things seemed to pile up all at once.

Why is that it happens that way? A lull is great but dull and when energy happens, and plans are made then plans on top of those … it just goes crazy!

At on time, Alley Kat was in training for online marketing. The company she signed up with was very good. Until the Boss put a jackhole in charge who brought the whole thing tumbling down. This m-fer put so many people into the poorhouse, he actually deserves the suicide he did. It was that bad. Like the Stock Market crash in the ‘30s, it was that bad.

People had their retirements completely wiped out and had to start over. Many of them never got to learn the ropes or didn’t’ receive the materials that would have enabled them to learn on their own. It was a sad time in Alley Kat’s Alley all right.

It’s been 18 months since then. Alley Kat became a certified cannabis health coach. She didn’t learn her lesson the first time. She signed up with someone who gained her trust and once again after going 2K in the hole, she came out with a phony certificate that really didn’t help her much.

You see, people know enough to know that you have to have answers. You can’t just schlep them to another alley and hope the kats over there will cover for your lack of knowledge. Plus, the idea of finding the top kat to help is ridiculous. The top kat didn’t even have time to keep appointments!

Here is the timeline for Alley Kat. She started out with BusinessRipOff.com and it folded involuntarily by the FTC in June of 2017. Next, she paid for the expensive training because selling CBD like an ignoramous was not kool. So 2k later she got her certification but not before following another alley.

This alley promised to give her real honest to goodness verifiable certification that would hold up for a lifetime. Sure, as their word, the new kourse is working out fantastic! Alley Kat is learning things every day in this kourse … thank God!

Along in August, Alley Kat drove out to graduation in Kenfucky to get her certificate in person and meet her co-students. All 5 more of them. She’s been told there was about 25 in the class but that wasn’t true. There had never been more than 8 on a online training in FB. Anyway, the graduation was so jacked up.

Alley Kat forgot her dress up clothes. She’d been told she would need it for the evenings. All 2 of them. So, she bought some at the Ross store in Las Vegas. Pretty kool.


Well, no one thought to tell her that the big night where things were to go down … it wasn’t going down. She was the last to arrive. All dolled up, klaws out and paws rocking it! Feeling like a sack of potatoes she strutted her kat walk anyway. Sitting down with the only 4 gals she’d known the whole time on the internet only was a relief. As they say, better to be overdressed than underdressed and Alley Kat sure was that. The good thing was, she kicked ass.


At this event on the last day where she actually received her certificate dressed in crappy clothes not the stunner dress of the night before, she listened to a billionaire talk.

The issue in discussion at the time he released his tidbit of advice was the inability to advertise virtually anything about CBD unless you had BIG BUCKS. His advice to Alley Kat was to start talking to people in any capacity to spread the news. He said if 2.5 people bought from her, she’d be a millionaire in a year. Alley Kat was very skeptical, but it resonated with her. So, she joined a meet up group. That was a disaster. If not for her and handsome kat hubby, only two people would have been there and as it was one left before it was over.

Alley Kat began her own meeting. The first was a beautiful thing. 8-10 folks showed up and had a good informative time. The second was a flat-out loser. No one showed or called to decline or warn. Lesson here. Alley Kat is still working on the lesson.

During this time, Alley Kat is working on her second certification but dragging her paws on it. If anything, Alley Kat knows … it’s that life should to be fun. She enjoyed a couple of outings one to Wildmood and one to BigIslandinEurope. When she got back, she had to attend something that was also another take the money and run gig. The Speaking Gigger. Should be called the Speaking Rigger to take your katfish bucks.

After the Kenfucky visit, Alley Kat had signed up to learn how to be a speaker with The Speaking Gigger. She somehow failed to learn more than printing out the sheets that no one bothered to check. No one worked with her to see if she could actually talk or speak. No one walked her through the steps of finding gigs. Just go get one she was told.

Nothing she learned there in the modules she couldn’t have learned for free on the internet. E She was bribed to going to a southern state to get training. She trained to know it will never happen again. More upsells and absolutely no training. The assumption that everyone is afraid to go onstage is what they rely on to intimidate you. Alley Kat didn’t have that fear. Her fear was not having content to speak. They never fixed that for her. A lot of katfish bucks for nothing but a nice visit to the natives living there.

Well, long story short, Alley Kat forked out some more katfish bucks to learn zilch. Once she returned home because she didn’t fall for one of those rich upsells … she is now in the Zone of Dumbass. In the Zone of Dumbass, no one bothers with you because you didn’t fork over big katfish to learn … really learn.

Her real job has been just enough to cover the expenses of alley living. And now, it’s getting worse too. Alley Kat is finding out that life in the alley can sometimes take a bad turn. The kats aren’t kool. Liars and lazy asses that run and play with the rats are everywhere.

Enough! Alley Kat had enough of being taken advantage of. From these lying businesses in the Big Alley of life to the small lying lazy ass of hubby kat. Time for Alley Kat to shed her fur, make some trash cans shake, howl at the moon in her most ferocious meow and kick some kat ass!

A few weeks ago, Alley Kat made her kat move … action. She had a Call to Action in her brain. Use what you know, take the mouse by the tail and swing that thing until it’s dead and skin it!

She reached out to her friend in the Big House in DC and they formed a plan to get Alley Kat back into the kathouse of living life as it should be!

Signing up with Click Funnels, signing up with Salesvision, signing up with Ketond and as always using her old friend Wealthy Affiliate, Alley Kat made her move.

She’s got a place to start a podcast called Anchor. Once her shyness is turned into need, watch out! She can speak! The problem with Alley Kat is all these new things she knows has been since the last 2 years and she’s still considered a kitten in the business. That my feline friends is like … like … being a true innocent. And, that’s not kool.

The plan now is to take the rat by the tail and make some alley noise! Alley Kat is poised to leap from trashcan to trashcan, climb the telephone pole and sit on the fence. The fence? Yes, that’s where Alley Kat has learned the solitude of practicing the art of the Law of Attraction works the best.

This is not the first time Alley Kat has been down but the difference is she knows what to do. You see, it’s very true that bad mojo can block your own. Your energy, inspiration, fearlessness is put at ease and Alley Kat has been taking it slow while all the while knowing she needed to ramp up her game. Well, that’s all changed now.

There are wooden horses at both ends of the alley while Madame Alley Kat gets her mice lined up. Once she’s ready, the lid is going to fly off the can! The wooden horses will be moved and the alley will flow with love, happiness, joy and lotsand lots of katfish bucks.

Be ready and stay tuned!


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