Well, well, well! How are you doing? Is your alley as busy as ours? Do you have trash still hanging there? Are homeless people crowding your alley? Well, they aren’t in mine that’s for sure. My alley is too busy for lazy kats and mutts to be sitting around doing nothing.

Alley Kat has been spreading her klaws and grabbing at new things to drag into her alley. Yes, it’s been a few months of grinding away. Ignoring the alley is what she’s been up to and the alley looks neglected too. But!

Here’s why … Alley Kat has done a lot of reading while skimming the rooftops chasing mice and avoiding big dogs. You know how a kat can squeeze into a teensy weensy spot and lay low? Well, that’s how it’s been.

Productivity is the king though. She opened a new online store and has started a new business in the health and wellness field. She’s back to working the streets once again as a Teamster. Yes, although she tried to get off that avenue, the alley keeps on calling her back.

Retirement is just around the corner and this alley kat is ready for the fun! Except that it seems according to other folks that fun is the last thing retirement is. There’s a new worry. Lack of funds for alley projects! Imagine that? How will Alley Kat be able to fund the excursions in the Big World without funds? No breakfasts with the other kats at the local food bowl? Will it be back to stealing other kats food from their porches again? Oh NO!

Naw … it will not be all that bad. Retirement means being able to stay up all night and sleep all day. Wait! That is what we do now. Well, forget that and let me tell you about the store. Alley Kat did not name it after herself. She named it after two of her grandsons.

It’s always amazing to see how different kids are from the parents that gave them life. Alley Kat picked three boys to use as models for the clothing she is selling on Shopify. Since one is still on the pre-teen side she decided not to include his name in the title just in case he develops into a kat who needs his own shop. He’s that kool!

Using the training Alley Kat learned in the Wealthy Affiliate course, she built her store and she build her website for her other business. These people are so cool. Please check out Wealthy Affiliate if you ever need to learn how to do an online business whether it’s affiliate marketing or online marketing or coaching … they have you covered.

The online store is not really active yet. Alley Kat needs to do a bit more research on some stuff like are the pictures she used better in a lighter mode? Will the shoppers like the apparel selections she made? There are so many questions. Lots of people made it so why should’t she right?

Did Alley Kat ever share that one of her Hubby Kat’s pets passed away? Yeah it was a while ago but still, his anniversary death day just passed. So, here’s a pic of Big Boy and BlueBoy. By the way, the evil redhead witch across the alley stole BlueBoy. She always had her ugly eyes on him. Even had the gall to come and ask Alley Kat if she could have him. Fur standing up and klaws out, Alley Kat said absolutely not! Shortly thereafter, BlueBoy disappeard and hasn’t been seen since. The witch denies stealing him and says she hasn’t seen him but Alley Kat knows better.

So if you all are praying kats, ask the Lord to return Blue Boy and as Him to keep Big Boy happy until we see him again.

Well, it’s time to go prowl the Big World and see what’s new for tomorrow. Y’all take care and catch all the mice you can.

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