Vaccine Destruction

My Facebook friend posted this and it needs to be shared immediately. Please tell everyone you know and maybe we can find a way to stop involuntary vaccinations.

Young voters listen up the government isn’t trying to madate vaccines because they care about you and want you too be healthy they want to control you and it wouldn’t matter if you allergic or not you will be forced. Wake up don’t believe everything your school tells you.

⚠️ Deny adults their ability to renew their drivers license, progressional license, and hunting/fishing license.

⚠️ Not able to get or renew their passport.

⚠️ Withhold tax returns

⚠️ Not able to get insurance

Not my words, folks.
All of these were talked about at the Senate hearing two days ago of how to enforce ADULTS to get the mandated vaççines that will be rolling out soon.

How does that make you feel?

Does it piss you off?

Does it make you scared and fearful?

We have been sounding alarms 🚨 for years! Healthy People 2020, NWO and Agenda 21/30 are in full force.

This has NOTHING to do with health.

Or measles.

Or vaccines.

It’s to strip away your rights and freedoms while you are fear mongered, brainwashed and programmed.

Hate the flu shot?
No choice.

Have an egg or peanut allergy?
No choice.

Don’t want to inject human or animal dna/blood into your body?
No choice.

👉The government will OWN your body.👈
72 doses now.

But don’t worry, you lost your rights so the government will do whatever they want to you and your family as THEY see fit 🥰. Yay 😃

The poor will suffer first.

The people dependent on government assistance will suffer next.

Those susceptible will suffer.

The kids who had a reaction will be forced. ‼️

The immunocompromised will be forced against their will. 😷

You will be lucky if you get a
medical exemption AFTER you or your child is severely injured, only after of course. Not before.

They won’t test for that. Sibling died, or was severely damaged from same shit? Too bad that doesn’t count.

But don’t worry. If you are rich or have money you can get away with most of this.

The masses are waking up and mothers are pissed.
Which side of history will you fall on? 🤔

-Brittany Blaire

The real kicker… YOU CANNOT SUE the vaccine manufacturer once you have been harmed or your loved one dies.

Because vaccine manufacturers are FREE of any kind of liability while they maim, harm, and kill us.
Let that sink in.

Don’t believe me?! Do some research. All of this information is freely available to the public.


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