What The Heck Are Private Label Rights?

How this crazy thing began. I had a mentor last year who was supposed to train me in 3 days to do amazing wonders. She didn’t quite accomplish that at all.


She cost me 25k and really didn’t really help me much at all. However, she did one thing which floored me. What’s odd about online work is that because you are introduced to it, you assume everyone else knows how to do it too just because they work online.

That is so far from reality it shocks me. It pays to remind yourself that you might actually be the only one out of a hundred or two who knows the tricks you use in life – especially in online life.

Ok, so what was it she did? In the course of our first meeting, she tells me we are going to do a book. Of course I have no book and I look at her like she’s crazy. But no, she says she has the book that is going to have my name on it.

Like I am going to believe that?

She just laughs and continues with the line about the book being done and she will show me. Somewhere in my piles of papers from that episode of my life, I have the original instructions from her on how to do this but for now, I am working from memory. Too bad but it’s close enough.

She tells me to open Google Docs and get ready. From her laptop, she sends me a link that she says is the book. She tells me that once we edit the book, I need to have a cover made for it. We will be removing the current cover.

To say I am fascinated is an understatement. Keep in mind that this is all new to me. Who in my world knows that I can put a book in my name and claim I wrote it, put my name on it using a cover that I had created by a total stranger on fiverr.com?????

No one. That’s who. Let me finish. So, I have a book downloaded that looks pretty crummy by my standards. What I mean is I am a reader. My love of reading goes back to reading the Morton Salt shaker box as a kid. I am writing here because its the only way to tell a potential audience of hundreds at one time rather than repeating it over and over.

So the book is just junk. But! I can send it out as my own book to people who will never go past the page that has my link to my website (no longer active BTW) on it.

Following orders, I navigated fiverr.com for the first time in my life and figured out how to get the book cover done. Once it was finished … and I only had 3 days so I paid extra for the speed of delivery. There were a few hiccups trying to get the cover done right. Now I have the book cover and the link and my download into docs. We are ready to go.

But wait! I have to edit “my” book and put my digital aura on it. I’m thinking to myself, this is not me. I do not spread any aura anywhere much less on a book! I don’t want to be me and tell the world. I have doing biography stuff online. I barely use my name and as you can see, I am Alley Kat. It’s fun that way. Yes, I did do a tiny bit of editing and it’s fun as can be.

In a matter of minutes I am a book publisher! I have a snazzy looking book to give away for free! She told me what I just did was created my own book written by another person with their full permission. After all, I had to remove the previous owner/editor of the copy I had. That is how it works. That is simply amazing! That is how I was introduced to Private Label Rights.

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Just so you know, I would guess there are many articles and blogs on the process of how to do the editing, marketing and tips and tricks of doing a bang-up job, so I’m not going to be nit-picky about giving you details. Just the few facts I know to be true if you want to do it yourself.

As promised she gave me the links to two websites that specialize in these “PLR” books. Come to find out they do more than books. They also offer articles, reports, videos, video collections, graphics, digital stores, audio, websites, and so much more that it will stun you. Talk about fake stuff, there is so much out there written by someone and then sold to millions to use as they see fit within the restrictions the author or original creator might have.

Some can do anything they want once they purchase the product and others only let you do everything but alter/edit the product. It’s just amazing. Thr rights they give away are Master Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, Personal Rights and some more.

They also throw in goodies like a sales page, book cover, a list of do’s and don’ts you are granted. They limit the downloads but you are allowed different things you can do so that’s not usually a problem.

So what is the point of this “PLR” stuff you ask? It’s to help you make money, give away as gifts or buyer incentives or freebies or anything you want to do with it including using the information to enhance your life. The topics covered range from baby birth help to adult content.

Honestly, if you have the time to work it, you can make a living selling these repackaged gems of products and you will never run out of stock. I have the names of two and I will share the links with you below. Because I am always in a rush and have so much on my plate right now, I am not able to do this but if I did, I would.

Who in their right mind if they have the time would pass up the opportunity to be an author, creator, designer of stuff they never had to learn, train or devote any time to creating? And I absolutely love the whole concept! How I wish I was not so impatient and that I could do it.

The only real costs are the extras like making a book cover but you know what? One of the stores actually tells you how to make the cover yourself in the training video he gives out. One store is a membership site and one is pay as you go. Both are phenomenal about encouraging you on your new path to making online riches. I just really admire them, one more than the other but both of them are great for their own strengths.

I found a few YouTube videos that go through the steps and guide you on creating your book, where to promote it and how to get started so I will skip that part.

My goal is to just share what I learn and if you want more information, please let me know and I will try to find answers but most times, you can just search for your answers on the web.



So, now go be your own author!

Talk soon,

Alley Kat


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