Where It All Began

At a place called The Garage Boardshop, my grand kids hung out.

My daughter has a daughter named Yvonne who is a fanatic

about skateboarding.

There is also a grandson named PTK. His job is to keep Yvonne

alive and out of trouble!

They are the reason I one day found myself at The Garage

Boardshop in East LA. Or, known as the GBS.

It’s an amazing and really safe space for the kids 18 and under or

even a few brave souls over 18. You will understand why the

older people don’t venture out on skateboards. It’s not safe for us.

Old folks value safety over coolness!

GBS according to PTK’s point of view is as follows:

Well, um … I recommend it if you are a beginner. This place has

all the necessary ramps for first timers and intermediate skaters.

What’s really cool about the Garage is they have ramps and half-

pipes that you do not see at skate parks.

You can move them around when someone is trying to do a trick

on the rail and that’s really cool.

Grandma: What’s it like keeping and eye on her? (Pointing to


PTK: Awful.

Grandma: Why?

PTK: Yvonne doesn’t follow ANY instructions unless it’s from

someone else other than me.

GBS according to Yvonne’s point of view is as follows:

I love it ’cause it just gives me a good vibe. All the kids are super

nice and they teach me stuff that I couldn’t learn on my own.

And, all the workers there are nice and the members always help clean up around the garage.

Helping usually gets you free chips and soda.

But, the real thing about it is it’s an afterschool program for kids

that love to skate.

As soon as you get there you must do any school homework until

you can go skate.

Doing your homework gets you point to winning cool stuff like

shirts or hats or stickers. You have to stack up your points to get a

board and lots of different prizes. (I can see she loves this place!)

Building a Board – the Beginning

There you have it. The beginning of my adventures in the skate board alley with my family.

Stay tuned for more tails from these two amazing skaters.

Yvonne is so good that she is sponsored by a company named DAM SKATEBOARDS out of Whittier, CA.

I hope she makes me proud!


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